Trail Information

Trails Info

Current Trail Conditions:

West Gateway Trail System (West Side of Parks Highway) – click West Gateway Trail System Link for map:


Long Lake Trail

Willow Swamp Loop

Corral Hill Trail

Rolly Creek Trail

Big Swamp Trail

Old Hunters Trail

West Rolly Lake Trail


Emsweiler Trails (both sides)

Shirley Lake Trail

Lucky Shot Trail

Almond Lake Trail

Windsock Trail

John Lake Trail


Lower Su

Upper Su (campground to Deshka Landing)

Deshka Crossover (Corral Hill to upper Deshka)


Emil-Stancec Trail System (East Side of Parks, North of Hatcher Pass Road):

Haessler-Norris Trail System (East Side of Parks, South of Hatcher Pass Road):

Please keep us posted on additional news.


Willow Area Community Organization (WACO) Trails Committee Website


Winter Logging Areas:

Take a look at the maps to see where the winter logging is going to be taking place on the Emil-Stancec and the Upper Haessler-Norris Trail systems. As logging begins we will post updates on this website as well as notify members via email.

Emil-Stancec Logging Areas

Upper Haessler-Norris (Zero Lake) Logging Areas



The Trails Committee has a few grants submitted to the state:

Grooming of West Gateway Trails

Deception Area Highland Trails / Lloyd’s Historic Trapline Trail Survey Grant

Haessler-Norris / Emil Stancec Winter Trail Surveying Project – UPDATE the surveying is complete and we are now working on the map!!!


Trail Issues:

The Haessler-Norris Trail System has some issues going on with a proposed second utility corridor along the current corridor. Contact Erin McLarnon at 495-0671 for more information.

Willow Area Trail Plan